The process of a dog’s digestive system

Updated: Jul 4

A dog’s digestive system plays a crucial role in keeping a pet healthy as this vital process turns their food into energy. Understanding how a dog’s digestive system works can help aid you when choosing your dog’s food.


One factor that provides a dog to lead an active and healthy life is for them to be fed with foods that are rich in nutrients. This is beneficial because the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream and the food is digested and then metabolised or processed to be converted into energy.

In mammals, the digestion process takes place in the gut, where food passes and interacts with enzymes and acids from the intestine and stomach, which leads to the breakdown of food.

What happens in the stomach?

After nibbling and chewing the food, this mixes with the saliva, which can contain mucus that lubricates food to help a dog swallow.

After transferring through the esophagus, it reaches the stomach, where the food is broken down further into a simple form that can be easily absorbed by the body of the dog. This is also know as digestion. When the contents of a dog’s stomach are integrated completely, there is a thick and milky mixture called chyme which passes from the stomach to the small intestine.

Small Intestine

The main area for digestion in the small intestine is called the duodenum. This plays a vital role in the chemical digestion of chyme in preparation in the small intestine.

Large Intestine

When the food reaches the large intestine, the water is absorbed, the food is digested and absorbed and the breakdown of a dietary fibre is completed by healthy gut bacteria. This process can sometimes lead to a dog producing gas which is accompanied by them passing wind. The last step is after the majority of the nutrients have been digested and absorbed, the rest will come out as waste.

In order to aid your dog’s digestive system, our recipes are developed using a slow cook technology, which allows us to include Freshly Prepared meats in our recipes. These meats are of a high quality, are easily digestible and gentle on the stomach making them beneficial ingredients for those dogs with more sensitive digestion. High digestibility of these ingredients is also advantageous as it means that a high proportion of nutrients are available for absorption by the dog.