What is the difference between a standard puppy food and a large breed puppy food?

We are often asked “What are the differences between a standard puppy food and a large breed puppy food apart from the kibble size?”

Due to their adult size, large breed puppies have a different growth curve to smaller breeds and therefore have different nutritional requirements to support optimal growth and development. 

If large breed puppies grow too rapidly, this can cause serious and debilitating issues with bones, joints and muscles and therefore pet foods that have been formulated specifically for large breed puppies help to support controlled growth and do not promote rapid growth.

Although genetic factors are one of the largest unavoidable contributors to these issues, appropriate nutrition during puppy hood can help decrease the chance of such conditions developing in predisposed breeds.

Our Grain Free Large Breed Puppy recipe has been formulated with a lower crude protein and crude fat content compared with our standard Grain Free puppy recipe as this reduced energy density helps to optimise the rate of growth. The recipe has also been formulated with a balanced level of calcium and phosphorus based on FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines, as diets with excess levels can lead to excess absorption and development of skeletal malformations.

Feeding practice is also important as it is recommended that puppies are fed 3-4 small meals per day following the suggested daily feeding amounts on the feeding guide to maintain a lean body condition. Over feeding can lead to obesity which puts extra strain on the bones and joints and can lead to other serious health issues.

Selecting a large breed puppy recipe helps to support healthy growth and development to give your dog the best start in life.